I am a Certified Counsellor, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, providing non-judgmental one-on-one help in a safe environment to people in all walks and stages of their lives. Sometimes we just need to find someone who will listen to us.

Everybody’s carrying something. This something might sometimes feel like it’s really weighing us down.

It might feel like it’s something that we really need to let go of because carrying it can really prevent us from moving forward, to the degree of which we really want to move forward and progress in life.

A counsellor can help with –

Work/Life Balance
Stress Management
Relationship Issues
Time Management
Defining Life Purpose
Personal Growth
Social Anxiety Disorder

Whether you are just starting to take control and don’t know where to turn, or you haven’t a clue where to start – I can help you.

Reaching your life and business goals is closely associated with maximising your personal development. Think you can’t do it? Well, I’m here to teach and show you, you can.

Whether you succeed or not is probably not so much to do with how qualified and skilled you are at your job, but on your outlook on life. We will charge you up to reach heights you never thought possible!

I work as a counsellor, coach, mentor and consultant.

Get in touch HERE if you want some personal help. – or just to have someone listen to you.

Areas covered – London and the Eastern Counties.